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Below are some of the programs we currently offer through our partners. If you are interested in sponsoring a trip for some children please click on the “Sponsor this trip” link below each program description. If you are interested in becoming one of our partners please contact us for more information.


Tree Climbing - Dangle from the branches of a tree, safely tethered by ropes and harnesses, while improving health, learning about trees, and basking in the rewards of accomplishing a tall task. Plus, it’s fun!


Nature Walk - Walk through the jungle surrounding the largest remaining Temple Mound on Tampa Bay and learn the native plants and resources of this area.


Challenge Course - Tackle a series of physical, mental, and emotional challenges (with safety rules and facilitator monitoring) to help your small groups to identify group strengths, practice group problem solving, and develop leadership as well as collaboration.


Eating History - After listening to a story about how the Native Americans discovered the oyster, students will sample smoked mullet and experience the same tastes as the ancients.


Drums as a language - Play with African, Afro–Cuban, and Native American drums and learn how they are used as a method of communication. Many percussion instruments are demonstrated as participants find their own percussive voice and learn to communicate as a team.


Dip Netting - In the estuary, nursery of the sea, we sample the grass flats and collect all sorts of critters that begin their life cycle here. Shrimp, pipefish, puffers even sea horses. We then identify the animals to genus and species.


Manatee on the Move - Assemble a manatee’s skeleton bones and learn a bit of forensic science as you piece together clues from anatomy, physiology, & ecology to determine this manatee’s cause of death.

Manatee on the move
More Pictures Soon

Estuary Explorer - Use dip and seine netting to examine, discover, and learn about an estuarine ecosystem and its essential role as a natural resource.


Native American Technology - Students work hands-on to discover for themselves the uses of replica tools. After they present their ideas, the guide will introduce the actual use of the tool.


Castaway - Your team is given limited time and resources to design and build a raft that will safely get you to the mainland. This adventure is perfect for team building and is also a GREAT photo opportunity!


The Beast - Boost skills of observation, listening, and communication as your team tries to accurately replicate a pre constructed "beast" made of toys or clay. The catch? Only one team member actually sees the beast even though all team member’s roles contribute to the solution.


Mangrove Forest Walk - Discover the mangrove - key to diversity in our local waters. Taste the salt, feel the coolness under the canopy, learn the local lore.


Canoe Explorer - Team up in twos or threes to practice cooperation and communication while learning about the environment and each other as you canoe. Each program site is unique!


Florida Country - Cooperation and teamwork are tested as your "families" are challenged to “survive” in this re-creation of Florida pioneer life in the mid-1800’s. Time is precious as you try to get all the necessities of life through mock hunting, trading, staking land, and negotiating with the sometimes shady characters you meet.


Seagrass Discovery - Learn the different species of sea grass that inhabit our bay waters. They are easy to identify once you know how!


Pig Posse - During Meal times - Ham it up! To help encourage you to lower your food waste you can dress up as the “Pig Posse” to weigh the wasted food, perform skits about food waste, and then tell pig jokes if the waste goes down.



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